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Pascal Bormann

Cenit AG
Software Developer
I'm Pascal, 24, from germany. I did my bachelors degree at Stuttgart Media University where I gratuated in the beginning of 2014. I learned to program there, first Java, then C# and finally made the jump to C++. I did some game development while in university, won a contest for an innovative mobile game concept with some fellow students which was a great time. We got to pitch our idea to a lot of people, even some international investors during the NEM Summit 2013 in France. After graduating, I took a job as a software developer at the german software services company Cenit, where I'm responsible for kernel development and development of the rendering engine. I'm currently hoping to go back to university for my masters degree in computer science this fall.

I'm passionate about a lot of things related to programming like games, computer graphics, software architecture, cool C++ tricks, new C++ standards and also some AI. I also love teaching programming to others, I did that in university a lot and currently am organizing and holding C++ training sessions for my colleagues at work. I would love to do more of that in the future, I think teaching is very rewarding.

I'm also very passionate about everything related to futurology, I love how the world and technology is growing faster every day, and especially with the current rise of AI and autonomous machines I think we have some very exciting times ahead, where programming just so happens to play a big role.

Apart from programming, I'm playing guitar in a metal band, I try to read a lot (sci-fi, fantasy, technical and science stuff) and I enjoy good food.